Tim Berry on How to Use a Business Plan to Increase Sales

You need more sales. I don’t care what your business is or how well it’s doing; you need more sales. But how to get them? Tim Berry, president of Palo Alto Software and author of several books on business plans, has posted an article over at Entrepreneur.com on how to use your business plan to increase sales and attract new customers.

Remember, a business plan is a tool both for setting goals and measuring progress. Berry has four suggestions for using these features to increase your sales.

  1. Use your business plan to sell more to existing customers. If you come up with a promotion, put its milestones into your business plan, complete with start and end dates and person in charge. That way, you’ll be able to plan for and around your promotions and include them in your forecasts, as well as have a way for tracking their progress.
  2. Use your business plan to set your pricing. If you base your business plan on selling high-end items, then you may not want to price your merchandise too low. Low prices may connote low quality. Review your business plan and your strategies to help you determine the right prices for your products and services, then set milestones in your plan for delivering on your promises.
  3. Use your business plan to review your marketing campaign. Figure out some way to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaign, such as responses, ads, Facebook friends or Likes, retweets and Web site visitors, then put that into your plan. This will help you make plans to meet your marketing goals, as well as a way to measure if you’re on track to meet them.
  4. Use your business plan to expand into new markets. Make sure to add any strategies to expand your market or customer base into your business plan, as well as goals, measurements and tracking. That way, you’ll be able to see if your strategies are successful, or if you need to make adjustments.

A Better Business Plan Can Lead to New Customers

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